Yangcheng pass was crazy cloning Guangzhou subway loss of 4 million yuan ticket

Yang Moufu, Yang Liu and Yang Moufang and other three major suspects have been subway police criminal detention
New Express reporter Wang Lubin correspondent Cen Bohan Tan Shaohua Zhou Qingbo reported sister, brother, sister, a family of five gangs cloning Yangcheng pass special free card, the Guangzhou bus, subway system caused more than 400 million ticket loss. Recently, the Guangzhou Metro police will destroy the gang in one fell swoop, seized more than 400 copies of the clone card is not reselling. May 6, 2016, the subway police to the subway company alarm, said the MTR staff in the work of many times found that passengers use cloning special free card (old card, bad card, etc.) take the subway. June 12, the task force police will be forged, reselling "cloning card" Yang Moufu (male) and Yang Zhou (female), Yang Liu (female) caught in one fell swoop, and from their residence and stalls seized clones Card more than 400 sheets, for the production of notebooks, card readers and other equipment. After investigation, Yang Moufu and Yang Mou Zhou, Yang Liu, Yang Moufang (female, arrested on June 17), Yang Mou pei (female, at large, Guangdong province) and other five people sister sister relationship , The gang through the neighborhood, a friend relationship to find a special free card holders, the name of "corporate dedication social special groups, with card prizes registered" and other names, to cheat the way to obtain the mother card holders trust, after Yang Fu will use technology to crack the mother card information illegally, and a large number of production cloning card. The members of the gang after the cloning of the counterfeit card to each of the price of 400 yuan for sale profit. Subway police have been verified that the gang of illegal manufacture of cloning card types of bus staff card, the elderly free card, the disabled card, involving the mother card staff, the number of large, seized the card number card issuer (Yangcheng Tong company) accounting for a total of Resulting in the loss of bus subway ticket total of more than 400 million. At the same time, the subway police have special card holders do not follow the provisions of the use and custody of their cards for education criticism, check the holders of illegal cloning cards and use of personnel, the subway police will be punished in accordance with relevant laws. At present, Yang Moufu, Yang Liu and Yang Moufang and other three major suspects have been under the jurisdiction of the subway police criminal detention, Yang Zhou was bail pending trial, Yang Mou peach pursuit of work is ongoing. Police solemnly urge the fugitive suspects to surrender to the police as soon as possible.

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