Foreign media: Airbus in the Mediterranean to detect the Airways lost aircraft signal

Airbus in the Egypt Airlines flight 804 passenger plane in the Mediterranean Sea to detect the aircraft on the equipment issued by the signal
Local time on May 21 the Egyptian military provided the salvage of the deer of the Egyptian lost aircraft. Egyptian military announced on the 20th morning, the search and rescue team in Egypt, Alexandria, 290 kilometers north of the Egyptian lost aircraft found in the wreckage. According to the US media reported on the 26th, Airbus in the Airways flight 804 passenger plane crash in the Mediterranean sea to detect the aircraft machine equipment signal. CNN quoted the Egyptian "pyramid" news that Airbus to detect the signal from the Egypt Airlines 804 flight aircraft emergency locator transmitter (emergency locator transmitter), the device can be in the event of an impact when the artificial or Automatically activated, and issued a distress signal, these signals are different from the aircraft "black box" issued by the signal. Reported that these signals can help the search and rescue team to search the scope of the aircraft wreckage reduced to a radius of 5 km area, so that investigators can more accurately search for "black box" signal. Local time on the 19th morning, from Paris to Cairo, Egypt, Egypt Airlines MS804 flight passengers lost in the Mediterranean waters, after the crash was confirmed to fall, the plane 56 passengers and 10 crew members were killed. The aircraft model for the Airbus A320. At present, the multi-search team is searching for the wreckage and black box in the Mediterranean Sea.

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