Experts talk about crabs detected two? F British standard: no acute impact on the human body

The impact of the need for long-term accumulation
November 1, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Food Safety Center informed that from Jiangsu Province, two aquaculture farms crab samples, was spotted detection of carcinogens two few content exceeded. The report pointed out that consumers if the intake of excessive two f, can lead to chlorine acne, skin rash and discoloration and other skin diseases, and excessive body hair. The International Cancer Research Institute has classified two of the human carcinogens, and the long-term intake of two fronts involves the immune system, reproductive function, endocrine system and developmental nervous system damage. In this regard, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Ecological Environment Research Center, deputy director of the laboratory, Zhang Qinghua told surging news, although two is a carcinogen, but in the environment is very low, have an impact Need long-term accumulation, "under normal circumstances intake of two British fumble on the human body caused by the possibility of sudden acute almost no, unless there is a very unexpected situation such as poison." Zhang Qinghua that to answer crabs in the body of the two few content of the specific reasons, but also need more links in the investigation. But he pointed out that "there are two sources, one may come from the water environment itself, water, particles, aquatic plants if it contains two f, through the food chain will slowly spread to the crab body; From the feed used by artificial breeding crabs. "Is there a uniform standard for two? Zhang Qinghua said that there are many standards for the detection of two, there are also national standards in food testing, and the standards set by the EU are equivalent standards, "the method used, the standard material is the same, so there is no essence, technology On the gap ". Surging news that Zhang Qinghua said the national standard is the number GB 5009.205-2013 "food safety national standard food in the two f and the analogue of the equivalent of the determination of the amount of", the standard on November 29, 2013 Revised and released from June 1, 2014. In addition, Zhang Qinghua said that the domestic pollution situation is not serious, "Overall, but only in some areas such as chlorine chemical plant near the more serious, there are some special sources, including e-waste dismantling Incineration, etc. ". Zhang Qinghua said the results show that the main source of domestic two is the iron and steel production, and foreign production of the most fried incineration in the country is still no large-scale existence, so not a large proportion.

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